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Buildings Lighting Green for Liver Health

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Liver Health Screenings

If you are uninsured and at risk you may be eligible for free screening. A listing of our partner sites offering screenings will be added to this page. Please check back or contact our free Helpline, 1-800-GO-LIVER/1-800-465-4837.

State Liver Disease Facts

  • 1,879 North Carolinians died of liver disease in 2021 
  • 92 liver transplants were performed in 2023 with 107 people currently on the waiting list and 9 people who died waiting. 
  • 11.10% of adults in North Carolina have diabetes. 
  • 68.80% of adults are overweight or obese. 
  • 21.60% of adults have no leisure-time physical activity.  
  • 1 serving of fruit is consumed daily on average by adults in North Carolina 
  • 1.7 servings of vegetables are consumed daily on average by adults in North Carolina