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Liver Day Event

Join patients, families, caregivers, community organizations and those interested in liver health to discuss the importance of addressing liver disease in their communities.

Alabama State Capitol Steps (Main Event)
RSA Plaza Terrace (Luncheon)
Montgomery, AL 36104

October 25, 2022
9:30 AM to 12PM CT

Fatty Liver Disease (now called Steatotic liver disease)—Shawanna’s Story

Finding out you have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), now called metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease or MASLD, can be daunting but watch how Shawanna met the challenge head on and is reversing her diagnosis with weight loss, healthy eating and exercise! 

Liver Cancer—Darryl’s Story

After being in recovery for 14 years from substance and alcohol use disorders, Darryl was shocked to learn he had Hepatitis C, which led to liver cancer. Now 35 years in recovery, watch Darryl’s inspiring story and how a liver transplant saved his life!

Fatty Liver Disease has been newly renamed Steatotic Liver Disease